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Gordon Goldsborough has a deft hand with a design program, but he is a man of many talents. Gord is an aquatic biologist and associate professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba and an editor of Manitoba History (now Prairie History). He is the author of four books, including the Canadian best-seller Abandoned Manitoba (Great Plains Publishing, 2016), More Abandoned Manitoba (Great Plains Publishing, 2018) and Delta Marsh: A Prairie Marsh and its People with co-author Glen Suggett. Gord is a talented story-teller who brings Manitoba’s history alive as a regular on the CBC Radio Winnipeg Weekend Morning Show. He is the president of the Manitoba Historical Society and the driving force behind the massive data base that is the Manitoba Historical Society website.

Jim Burns honed his skills as an editor and copy-editor on about two dozen books, nurturing them to completion, including White as a Ghost: Winter Ticks and Moose by Bill Samuel (Federation of Alberta Naturalists, 2004), the award-winning A Bauhausler in Canada by Oliver Botar (Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 2009) and Delta Marsh: A Prairie Marsh and its People by Glen Suggett and Gordon Goldsborough (Delta Marsh History Group, 2015).


Jim was Curator of Quaternary Paleontology at the Royal Alberta Museum, but also turned his keen eye to vetting the museum’s books, papers, exhibition displays and other texts. As an author, he has contributed to a variety of publications, including the recent “China Bowl Cave: An Early-Middle Holocene non-analog faunule from Grand Rapids, central Manitoba, Canada” (Quaternary International, 2019) and four articles in the journal Manitoba History. His first narrative non-fiction book, Fire, Folly and Fiasco: Why it took 100 years to build The Manitoba Museum (Woolly Mammoth Publishing, 2020) draws on his many years as a museum curator, scientist, author and editor.

Sheilla Jones is a long-time editor in the media. She was an award-winning editor of the Stonewall Argus & Teulon Times in the 1990s, before moving on to become news editor at CBC Radio Winnipeg. Sheilla also served as guest editor for Manitoba History, Issue 70, a 2012 special edition celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Winnipeg Press Club. She is the author of four books, including The Quantum Ten: A story of passion, tragedy, ambition and science (Oxford University Press, 2008), which was translated into Arabic in 2018. Her most recent book is Let the People Speak: Oppression in a Time of Reconciliation (J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing, 2019).

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